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Hi Dr Bomben- I just wanted to say thanks for the work you did on my glute and knee on such short notice.  My legs felt very good during the Garmin Marathon. Two weeks prior to seeing you I was ready to pull out. I'm a full blown convert to your approach, active release, and massage. Ill see you... Read more.

Ed L

For about a year and a half I had pain in my left hamstring. I had strained it while doing a tempo run on hills and thought it would eventually get better on its own with stretching and taking it easy. The pain would come and go, sometimes triggered by taking the stairs or going up a curb and it alw... Read more.

Dr. C

As a recreational distance runner, I have suffered from various pains and injuries over time and have been fortunate to be treated by Dr. Bomben and the therapists at PTG. Achilles heel, ankles, calves, hip flexors. Dr. Bomben looked after the injuries and gave me a list of strengthening exercise... Read more.

Arno Prodel

It hits me about every 2-3months! Yes, the stiff back/neck from sitting behind a computer screen for too long. A quick call to Performance Therapy Group and I was set up the next day.  I really appreciate the timeliness and ability to get help right away. The staff is always friendly  and more imp... Read more.

Jimmy Screen

I have had trouble on and off with my right hip and decided I was tired of it and made an appointment with Dr. Bomben. I was pleasantly surprised that a “real person” answered the phone. Debbie was very nice and accommodating with trying to find a time that worked... Read more.

Dalisa G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bomben and Performance Therapy Group since 2011, coming to them with a variety of running-related injuries as well as “pre-hab” maintenance. Dr. Bomben’s level of knowledge and attention to detail places him among the top few sports medicine providers I’ve en... Read more.

George Perry


Dr. Bomben’s sports background gives him a unique understanding of your injuries and the most effective treatments

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